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The life of JOSEPH ALCIDE THÉRIAULT by Murielle Thériault

Murielle Thériault is the author of a 400-page book on the life of Joseph Alcide Therriault and Marie-Louise Mollot. The ascendancy of Joseph Alcide (brother of her grandfather Philippe) is as follows: Jehan (1636 in Acadia), Claude, Germain, Claude – Deportation in 1759 by the British and flight towards Québec, Joseph (Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pocatière), Anselme (Saint-Jean-Port-Joli), Abraham (Saint-Modeste), Joseph, George (emigrated to Ontario in 1892), Joseph Alcide (Joe).

The parents of Joseph Alcide (George Thériault and Virginie Gagné) married in 1873 in Saint-Épiphane, region of Rivière-du-Loup, Québec. They had six children and Joseph was fifth in line. Around 1892, his family immigrated to Ontario; Joseph Alcide was ten years old, his oldest sister Alice was eighteen and Léon the youngest brother was four. For 30 years, their parents operated a general store at Bonfield, not far from North Bay.This couple begot 104 descendants. They are found in Timmins, Ontario, in five Canadian provinces, in eleven American states and even outside of North America. The biographies of all these descendants are enriched by a very well-documented ascendancy table for Joseph Alcide, a brief history of the founders of Timmins, more than 400 photos, ten maps, ten family tables and a comprehensive index.This first volume, written in English, will be followed by a second one on the parents of Joseph Alcide: George Therriault and Virginie Gagné, his nun sister Alice, and his three brothers, Philippe (Murielle’s grandfather), Alphonse and Léon, whose marriages have engendered 178 descendants.You may order this book as a CD for $50 or as a black and white e-book for $75 or a laser print with black and white photos for $175 or a laser print with colour photos for $240. Please send cheque to the order of Murielle Thériault at the following address:

3111, rue Victoria, app. 721
Lachine (Québec)
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