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Association structure

The Association numbers some 111 members as of September 2018.

Members of the Board of Directors 2018-2019


Alain Therriault (René, Ludger, Jules, Lambert, Firmin, Joseph, Pierre, Paul, Claude, Germain, Claude, Jehan).


Richard Thériault (Lucien, Méridé, Pascal, Joseph, Olivier, Jacques, Paul, Claude, Germain, Claude, Jehan).


Lise Robert (Jean Paul and Georgette Bessette).


Normand Thériault

(Émilien, Henri, Joseph-Cyprien, Cyprien, Joseph-Marie, Jacques-Léon, Joseph, Claude, Germain, Claude, Jehan).


Camille Albert (Louise, Moïse, Honoré, Joachim, Victor, Joseph, Joseph, Germain, Claude, Jehan).

Micheline Lachance (Robert and Carmen Ouellet).

Marie-Claire Nicol (Anita, Auguste, François-Xavier, Lambert, Jean-Jacques, Jacques, Paul, Claude, Germain, Claude, Jehan).

Jennifer Terrio (David Paul Newton and Jacquelyn Bisnette Lewis).

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