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Life of Amable Thériault, Pioneer of Lanaudière, QC circa 1800

Extract from the original document :

Life of Amable alias Aimé Thériault (1814-1895) by J. Prosper Thériault

Editor's note by Philippe Barrette: "My cousin Marise Thériault gave me a copy of this biography of Aimé Thériault (1814-1895), our great-grand-father, written by J. Prosper Thériault, our grand-father. Written on an old typewriter in 1940, my copy was rather difficult to read. But I have tried to reproduce it as accurately as possible."


Pioneers' life in Lanaudière, QC circa 1800

The precarious and toilsome life of these brave pioneers who have transformed the Canadian land into arable land is the epitome of courage, devotion to duty and self-sacrifice.  Working long and hard hours from dawn to dusk with little food, they persevered on their long march toward their envisaged goal: ensuring the welfare of their family and descendants and thus contributing to the survival of a Christian and happy people. Surprisingly, despite the poverty, difficulties of all kinds and sufferings which they endured, many of them lived a long life, if compared to the average for their period. This is no doubt a result of their regular and sound lifestyle. 

To read on, click on the following link (translation under way)Vie des pionniers vers 1800 - Amable Thériault

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