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Advantages of becoming a member

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There are many advantages to becoming a member of the Association:

  • You can take advantage of the genealogical research program. Any member can obtain free his own Thériault family ascendancy table bound in the Association colours. This pedigree chart is extracted from the DICTIONNAIRE GÉNÉALOGIQUE DES FAMILLES THÉRIAULT (Thériault Family Genealogical Dictionary) by Camille Albert.
  • You can also contribute to the development of the Association’s genealogical knowledge by providing the genealogical family data requested in the membership request form. The names and dates are then integrated into the Dictionary.
  • The newsletter LE TERRIOT published three times a year keeps you informed of important present and past events in the Thériault diaspora. This bulletin brings you news from members, reviews historical events, promotes projects, publishes genealogical tables, proposes readings of Acadian interests, etc. As an example, read the April 2012 issue by clicking on the following link: Le Terriot - April 2012.
  • The Association’s website is continuously brought up to date and allows us to broadcast information of interest to members of the Thériault and Acadian diasporasas well as to a wider public. Members and affiliated organizations can exchange opinions and news, for example, World Acadian Congress activities, genealogy meetings, annual general meetings, etc.
  • The Association’s boutique allows you to purchase items marked with the Association’s coat of arms, a good source of gifts for relatives and friends.
  • Social activities and meetings allow members to meet other Thériault cousins from all over the diaspora who share the same genealogical and historical interests.
  • Membership Request Form

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