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Aim and Objectives


To ensure the permanence of the cultural heritage of the Thériault families in America, and to arouse among Association members a sense of pride in belonging to this progeny.


  • To develop knowledge of the family heritage in its various aspects: historical, genealogical, geographical, cultural and linguistic.
  • To preserve and to propagate the family heritage through various and appropriate means.
  • To instill pride in the younger generation and to ensure their attachment to the values emanating from our common heritage.
  • To support the advancement of Thériault families by celebrating the individual and collective successes of our members.
  • To foster the development of a family spirit through the organization of regular collective activities.
  • To participate in upholding the rights of French speakers, and in advancing Francophonie in America.

Ways and means

  • Here are some ways and means used to achieve these objectives:
  • Researching the genealogy and history of the Thériault diaspora.
  • Publishing the newsletter Le Terriot for our members.
  • Maintaining a quality website to propagate the family heritage not only to our members but also to the Acadian diaspora at large.
  • Maintaining and updating a Thériault family genealogical dictionary allowing the production of Thériault ascendancy tables for our members.
  •  Exchanging with other Acadian and regional family associations in order to get acquainted with their customs and culture and to reflect upon the  cultural, social and economic evolution  of the Thériault diaspora.
  • Holding social gatherings in order to create a sense of belonging (congresses, meals, dances, sports activities, conferences by VIPs on selected subjects, etc.).

If this program interests you or if you are interested in improving it, consider joining our Association.


The Thériault surname is spelled in many different ways; the major ones are Therriault, Theriot, Thériot, Thério, Therrio, Therriot, Terrio, Terriot and a number of others.

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